1. Why should I join Rainbow dotTravel?

    Rainbow dotTravel is a place where you can connect with friends and travellers online. You should join to meet people, find out about LGBTQ events, receive great deals, and discover welcoming destinations. Sign up today! It’s free for individual subscribers.

  2. What is a community?

    A community is an online group where you can promote yourself, a trip or event, general interests and share them with other LGBTQ members. Learn how to make a community here.

  3. How do I connect with other friends who want to sign up?

    Connect by creating a community, and then use the Invite Friends function your community page.

  4. Someone on this site is harassing me, how do I put a stop to this?

    Please let us know and we will do what we can to help. Connect with us by clicking here

  5. I want my trip to be private; can I create a community that is exclusive to my friends and I?

    We don't have this feature yet, but we will be adding new and exciting features to the site on a weekly basis. Check back with us and see what's new as we continue to expand the sites offerings!

  6. I am not able to log into my profile, who do I speak to?

    If you lost your password, simply click on the "Lost Password" link and instructions will be sent to you on how to reset your password.

  7. My pictures will not upload, what do I do? How do I upload a picture?

    Go to "Edit Profile" > Click on "Update your Photos" > then either update your avatar photo OR update your background photo

  8. How do I set up an RSVP button?

    Once you set up event info, it will automatically appear on the site. No extra steps!

  9. I want to cancel my subscription, how is this possible?

    Email us at webmaster@rainbow.travel and we will delete your account within 24 hours.

  10. I'm having technical issues with the site.

    Send a quick email to webmaster@rainbow.travel

  11. I’m on a Mac OSX. Will the site work the same?

    All the features of the site should work the same on both PC and MAC. If you are having problems with the site, please email us at webmaster@rainbow.travel and we'll make ourselves available to help!

  12. Will my information be secure? Do you sell my email address or other personal information?

    We do not sell your personal information, however, we are not responsible for the information you give to business communities that are on the site.

  13. Can I make a reservation for a restaurant that I like?

    You can make a reservation by connecting to a business community page and linking to their external site. If they offer online reservations then you can book through them that way.

  14. Can I access this site on my mobile phone?

    Yes, the website is formatted for mobile sites as well.

  15. How old do I have to be to sign up for the site?

    You have to be the age of majority in your province/state

  16. I see an offensive advertisement or image, how do I report it?

    Please contact our webmaster and report it.