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Greetings from Gender, Equality and Health Organization (GEHO-Uganda)

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Greetings from Gender, Equality and Health Organization (GEHO)

GEHO - Uganda was founded in May/2008 with a Vision of “A just Society where LGBT Community access Total Health and enjoy their Human Rights” while our Mission is “GEHO – Uganda exists to restore human dignity of LGBT communities/persons and address access to health services through Information, Outreach, Service Provision and Strategic Partnerships”. Our mission and vision are being realized through the following objectives; - To provide key health and legal services to the LGBT Community, To work towards improvement of SRHR and contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS among the LGBTQ, To create a sustainable partnerships and networks with same minded Organizations to address issues affecting the LGBT and To create strengthen GEHO – Uganda institutional capacity to be able to fulfill our mandate.

GEHO is a member Organization of Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law – Uganda (CSCHRCL Project - a partner Organization with SMUG – Uganda - , a member organization Interpride an International Association of PRIDE Organizations - GEHO is a registered Human Rights Organization at National level and as a Community based Organization. GEHO serves 217 LGBT persons in Jinja Eastern Uganda, because of our organization in our 4 strategic objectives we have been able to serve our community without a lot of police and community interference, this has made GEHO to be proud of her work and her membership has increased in the last 3years. With support from the American Jewish World Services - GEHO is implementing a project of the 1st Queer Resource Center in Eastern Uganda. GEHO is also becoming a member of International Lesbian and Gay Association -

A full list of our referees is available on request. Our website is still being developed but you will find useful information about us and our work 

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GEHO Uganda is an organization in Uganda wich is meant to help the LGBT-community in Uganda. As you might know, the situation for gays and lesbians in Uganda is horrible. They get killed, chased out of their homes and workplaces and they need our support. Geho provides safehouses for those who need shelter, legal and medical aid where needed. But in order to do that, you need to get involved. Visit their website: We cannot let our brothers and sisters in Africa alone. Too many have paid with their life already! Too many are on the run, in hiding, living their life in fear. They need you!